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Can ski wear a jacket? Can a jacket be a ski suit?

Can Ski Wear a jacket? Can the jacket be a ski suit? Jackets can be skied, because jackets and ski suits have a lot in common in fabrics and workmanship. If you wear them occasionally, if you are professional, it is recommended to buy professional ski suits.
The jacket is mainly worn during outdoor sports such as hiking and hiking. The focus is on waterproof and Windproof. The ski suit is mainly skiing. The main function is to keep warm and waterproof. There is no big difference between the two. In fact, the two have great commonalities in design, fabric selection, and work materials.

Can ski wear a jacket? Can a jacket be a ski suit?

The tops are mainly reflected in the design details. Nowadays, with the development of the design, more and more humanized designs are highlighted. Many pockets of the jackets have been dealt with. The main purpose is to carry large bags on the back. If the top pocket is still in the original position, it is not practical to zip it just by the backpack's belt. Therefore, most of the tops of the jackets have been lifted up. Snow suits do not need to do this. The snowsuit top usually has a large pocket with a snow mirror, and a small pocket for the snow ticket is added to the outer sleeve. The top is designed with a special glove for hanging. These are the details of the details of the design. Most of the snow suits are made of cotton and other warm materials, and the snow suits must have snow skirts, which are not available in many jackets. The snow skirt is also called the windproof skirt. It is on the top and the trousers. It is mainly to prevent the clothes from being smashed and the snow is poured in after the fall. It also prevents upward winds from below in windy weather.
The main difference between snow pants and trousers is the following two points. Most of the snow pants are straps, while the trousers have some styles. In addition, the snow pants, especially the double pants, must be thickened on the inside of the calf ankle. This is mainly because the position is easily cut by the sharp blade after the ski falls, so thickening is necessary.
If you wear it a few times, it's fine. If you want to play skiing advice or wear professional ski equipment, it is more appropriate.

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